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The Early Head Start/State Child Development Program is a comprehensive child development program designed to serve low-income families through federal and state funding. The Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County, Inc., (CAPSLO) serves infants and children up to 47 months in San Luis Obispo & Kern County. Providers contracted with CAPSLO provide services in licensed childcare homes.

The Early Head Start/State Child Development Program operates on the principle that the first years of a child’s life are the most significant in the learning process. The program is designed to meet the emotional, health, nutritional, and psychological needs of the child and the family. The objective of the program is to provide comprehensive services, including education, disabilities, health, nutrition, mental health, parent engagement, and social services. CAPSLO representatives and Family Childcare providers work collaboratively to provide quality care and healthy environments for children.

1.      CAPSLO provides family child care services to families with children 0 up to 47 months eligible for the Early Head Start / State Child Development Program. 1302.23(a) The family child care program option delivers the full range of services, consistent with 1302.20(b). Education and child development services are primarily delivered by a family child care provider in their home.

2.      Early Head Start/State Child Development may provide services up to twelve (12) hours a day, five (5) days per week during the program operational period.

3.      Early Head Start/State Child Development contracts the services of licensed Providers in the target service areas.

4.      Early Head Start/State Child Development programs will offer professional development training opportunities for contracted providers.  The subject matter will cover the service areas of the Head Start Performance Standards and other subjects related to childcare and other trainings as needed based on individual needs; such as the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential trainings.

5.      Family Child Care Coordinators will conduct a visit to each provider every two weeks and have some form of contact every week. Visits will be both announced and unannounced.  A minimum of two (2) health & safety checks will be completed each program year.

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