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Human Centered Design – Creating Programs to Meet Your Client’s Needs 

An approach to bridge the gap between client needs and the current services provided. Learn the mindsets, methods, and tools to help you generate new ideas and quickly turn those concepts into plans of action for building healthy communities.

Motivational Interviewing – Increase Your Client’s Motivation to Change  

An approach to facilitating conversations between staff and clients that elicit internal motivation for clients to change their behaviors.

intuitive nutrition – health beyond myplate  

A unique and individual approach for healthy eating behaviors. Learn about mindful eating approaches through the lens of Intuitive Eating; an eating approach that focuses on relying on internal hunger and fullness cues and rejecting diet culture.

LGBTQ+ Inclusivity – Increase Your Staff’s Capacity to Serve LGBTQ+ Clients

This LGBTQ+ inclusivity training prepares departments to effectively utilize and implement trauma-informed, inclusive and affirming program practices. Participants will build skills and confidence to best serve clients of all identities.

Team Building Workshops

Wellness Retreats 

Learn tips and tools for managing stress and trauma in the workplace, incorporated with movement, relaxation and time in nature. This day is crafted to intentionally nurture and support team members and a healthy team dynamic.

team communication

Learn how to improve communication amongst team members by identifying and understanding the four, easy to remember, personality characteristics through the True Colors assessment. This simple test combined with a fun and dynamic workshop allows team members to learn, laugh, and interact with one another while positively building relationships and communication.

Are you green? Gold? Blue? Orange? Or a combination of them all? Find out!

For more information on any of the services offered, please contact Jenna Miller at or (805) 602-2883.

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