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Joanne Benham is the Youth Programs Director. She prefers to work with a creative team of problem-solvers and strives to create a process that works for everyone. She enjoys hiking, cooking, gardening, puzzles, and jazz music.



Jenna Miller is the Teen Wellness Program Supervisor

She loves close relationships and to take action. A change in plans excites her! She loves helping people dig deep to uncover their true powers from within. The first sip of a cappuccino, a mountain bike ride, or laughing with friends at the gym all bring her joy. 

Charley Newel shines as a Teen Wellness Coordinator. His strengths are in relationship building, adaptability, and flexibility. He believes that it is empowering to work in the arena of positive sexual health development and wellness.

Emma Fay is a Youth Programs Coordinator. She is visionary with lots of ideas that cares deeply about people and values the creative process. She enjoys coaching teens and adults to learn about themselves and the world around them through the lens of health and wellness. 

Kimberly Umaña Alvarado is a Wellness Educator with the Teen Wellness Program. She can be working on a project and all of a sudden an even bigger idea comes to mind and she can lose track of the initial topic. This makes her open to creativity and flexibility, however, she is also very organized. There is a system to her madness!

John Hollander is a Wellness Educator. He likes to find new ways of getting things done fast… hopefully without stepping on anyone’s toes. He likes attempting to cook, traveling, reading, and anything to do with cars. 
Jordan Vesta is a Wellness Health Educator. She is very organized and love to send detailed emails! Her hobbies include plants, reading, hiking, and board games.
Danielle Mitchell is the Administrative Assistant for Youth Programs. She is organized, loves to plan, and always needs to know the why behind the process. She is passionate about education and loves to cuddle up with her puppy and a good book!

Sophia Longas is a Health Educator. She sparks creativity and connects playfully with youth and with her coworkers.

Art and cooking projects are how I keeps herself busy.
Audrey Cody 
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