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Jenna is the Teen Wellness Supervisor. She loves close relationships and to take action. A change in plans excites her! She loves helping people dig deep to uncover their true powers from within. The first sip of a cappuccino, a mountain bike ride, or laughing with friends at the gym all bring her joy. To contact Jenna, email  

Emma is a Teen Wellness Coordinator. She is visionary with lots of ideas and cares deeply about people and values the creative process. She enjoys coaching teens and adults to learn about themselves and the world around them through the lens of health and wellness. To contact Emma, email

Charley is a Teen Wellness Coordinator. His strengths are in relationship building, adaptability, and flexibility. He believes that it is empowering to work in the arena of positive sexual health development and wellness. To contact Charley, email

Kimberly is a Health Educator. She loves mentoring youth to find their inner strength needed to reach their goals. She believes that everything needed to be successful is within yourself. She enjoys sharing funny stories of her experiences with others. To contact Kimberly, email

Jordan has been a Health Educator for CAPSLO’s Teen Wellness program for nearly 4 years. She loves creating meaningful relationships with students and watching them use their voices to make a difference.

Sophia is a Health Educator. She has worked with teens in our Reproductive Health curriculum, as well as our Teen Monologues productions. She loves helping students use their creativity to honor their voices and prepare for their future.

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