Through a partnership with the California Department of Education, CAPSLO provides expanded high-quality early childhood education and child care programs in its service area through the following:

  • California Migrant (CMIG)
    Serving families who are income eligible and whose primary source of income is through agricultural work.
    Available in the following areas:
  • California State Preschool Program (CSPP)
    Serving income-eligible families with part and full day, center-based preschool options. Some services are co-located with Head Start services.
    Available in the following areas:
  • California General Childcare (CCTR)
    Providing full day, center-based child care for families with infants and toddlers who are income-eligible and demonstrate a need for care. Additionally, this program will provide payments to participating licensed family child care providers for children ages 0-12.
    Available in the following areas:
  • Cal Safe Center
    Provides infant and toddler care for teen parents who are attending school in South San Luis Obispo County.

For more information, please contact our Enrollment Specialist at or call (805)549-7626 or (805)544-4355 ext 224. Click here for instructions on how to apply.

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