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Are you Looking for High Performing, Loyal Talent?

 Veterans are disciplined; they are dedicated; they are selfless; they learn quickly; they are predisposed to a higher level of service; they are among the most resourceful workers on the planet. America’s military veterans have shown-under extreme pressure- what a strong work ethic and real teamwork can accomplish. Additionally, the military has helped equip veterans with beneficial skills such as teamwork, leadership, work ethic and dependability.

Perks For Your Business

Tax Credits. The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) offers companies tax breaks of up to $2,400 and $5,600 per unemployed Veteran hired, depending on their length of unemployment. Companies that hire
disabled Veterans received a tax credit of up to $9,600 per hire.

Benefits. Many veterans receive additional benefits, such as health care, compensation and education, which can offset company benefit costs.

Patriotism. By hiring veterans you show your commitment to our nation’s heroes in a time of international conflict and global instability. Your business will stand out among others as a leader by backing our nation’s commitment to peace and stability both at home and overseas.

How Does SLO-VETS2WORK Support You?

We may be able to help you by:

  • Screening candidates.
  • Working with candidates to get them job ready so they are productive on day one.
  • Assisting financially by obtaining tools, clothing, and other work-related
    equipment for the veteran.
  • Helping pay for certifications, licenses, and other work-related credentials.
  • Coming to the job site, if necessary, to intervene with any issues and mediate between the veteran and the employer
  • Acting as a Job coach to the veteran, and helping the veteran work through on-the-job issues.
  • Provide access to basic computer literacy skills training.
  • Providing peer to peer mentoring.

How To Hire a Veteran

Contact our office at 805.534.1698 with any questions or to begin the process.

“Hiring veterans isn’t charity- it’s good business.”
-Howard Schultz, CEO, Starbucks

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