CAPSLO's Board of Directors is composed of unpaid volunteers from three different sectors of the districts they represent. This is known as a tripartite board. The three sectors including their representatives are listed below.

Low Income

Fran Coughlin, North County

Carlos Sosa, Vice President, Coast

Margaret Cuzick, South County

Gary Jordan, North County

Sandee Menge, South County


Debbie Arnold, County Board of Supervisors

Carlyn Christianson City of San Luis Obispo

Chuck Cesena, CSD, Los Osos

Steve Martin, City of Paso Robles

Caren Ray, City of Arroyo Grande


Mical Bovee - Secretary/Treasurer

Rob Garcia

Dee Lacey - President

Anneka Scranton

Margie Perez-Sesser

Consultant to the Board

Lisa Sperow, Legal Consultant

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