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Are your tattoos holding you back? The Liberty Tattoo Removal Program (LTRP) can help.

LTRP provides no-cost laser tattoo removal services for individuals with gang-related, anti-social, and/or socially and economically limiting tattoos in exchange for community service.

After the application is received, processed, and accepted, individuals become eligible for scheduling for laser treatment session participation. Eight hours of community service, at a non-profit of their choosing, is required for each monthly laser session.

For program eligibility, all participants must:

    • Have a qualifying tattoo (i.e., one that is anti-social, gang-related, inhibits employment opportunities, and/or adversely affects the individual’s overall quality of life).
    • Complete the application and orientation.
    • Be able to attend all scheduled appointments at our Arroyo Grande location.
    • Perform 8 hours community service before each treatment, or make an donation of equal value.
    • Remain clean and sober throughout the program.
    • Agree not to have any more tattoos while in the program.

For more information contact the Liberty Tattoo Removal Program: (805) 540-8353 or

We are grateful for the dedicated clinic volunteers, and local physicians who donate their time and expertise to help bring local residents health and healing since 2000. Without their participation, we could not offer the hope for positive change that so many in our community have already received through our program. 

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