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We believe that it is important that all families have opportunities to get involved with their child’s education from an early age. We want parents to feel comfortable being involved in the Head Start programs so that they can feel comfortable advocating for their child’s education and wellbeing in any setting!

Family engagement opportunities include:

  • Classroom volunteering
  • Bi-annual Parent/Staff Conferences
  • Field trip chaperoning and participation
  • Parent education workshops and seminars
  • Monthly Center Parent Committee meetings
  • Monthly Program Policy Council meetings
  • Program Liaison/Representative to Community Action Partnership Board of Directors
  • Annual Program Self?Assessment
  • Personnel Interviews for new employees
  • County Level Health Services Advisory Committees
  • Family Engagement groups and/or workshops for:
  • Males/Fathers utilizing the Amor de Padre – Hombres que Cuentan / Love a Father – Men that Count curriculum.
  • Females/Mothers utilizing the Abriendo Puertas / Opening Doors curriculum.

Ask the staff at any of the CAPSLO Head Start Centers how parents and caregivers can get involved!

All parent volunteer hours are logged and contribute the community match (In Kind Match) required by the Office of Head Start.

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