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Child Care Resource Connection (CCRC) helps facilitate child care payments for income-qualifying families through two Subsidized Payment Programs.

CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids)

CalWORKs Families may be referred by the local Department of Social Services for CalWORKs child care in order to fulfill their Welfare to Work Plan. To pursue this avenue a family must apply at the Department of Social Services.


California Alternative Payment Program (CAPP)

Families who are not eligible for a referral from the Department of Social Services for the CalWORKs child care program may apply for the Alternative Payment Program funded by the California Department of Education.

Eligibility is based on need and income requirements:

  • Employment that precludes the supervision of children.
  • Seeking employment.
  • Vocational training leading directly to a recognized trade, paraprofession or profession.
  • Homeless and seeking housing.
  • Incapacitated as verified by a legally qualified professional.
  • Child Welfare Services verified by a legally qualified professional.

To submit an application for placement on the CCRC Waiting List, click on the below application button or call (805) 541-2272.  The length of wait is determined by available funding to enroll new families.

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