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Eligibility Assessment for Participation

The Adult Day Center is not a Medical Health Care facility. We are unable to serve individuals who require care and services beyond that of our facility’s licensure, including those who need frequent one-on-one supervision, are unduly disruptive and threaten the safety and the well-being of themselves or others, or those needing nursing care or institutional placement.

An individual must be able to do the following to be eligible for enrollment:

  • “Self-administer” any needed medication while in attendance at the program.  Staff will monitor and make medications available to participants as scheduled.
  • Transfer their own weight to and from wheelchairs and other seated positions.
  • Use the restroom with minimal assistance.

~ Participants with occasional or frequent urinary incontinence may be placed on a regular schedule for bathroom       prompting, assistance, and/or changes as needed.

~ Incontinence supplies should be provided by the participant.

~ It is required that each participant with incontinence concerns wear protective undergarments, and it is                       recommended that a change of clothing is brought to have on hand at the center.


To request an Adult Day Center Admission Packet please email Adult Day Center Program Manager, Mara Whitten, at: or call (805) 239-5679.

The Adult Day Center Admission Packet includes:

  • Physician’s Report including tuberculosis testing and complete list of medications taken by the participant, to be completed by your doctor.
  • Identification and Emergency Information form.
  • Emergency Medical Care Authorization and Authorization for Release of Medical Information for use in case of emergencies.  Including the Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST).
  • A listing and acknowledgment of a participant’s personal rights.
  • A listing and acknowledgment of the conditions for termination and grievance procedures.

After the admission packet is completed, a home visit will be scheduled at which time the manager will review completed paperwork and make an eligibility determination.

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