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Giving usable food items to those in our community who are less fortunate is a humanitarian way to cut back on food waste. Here at 40 Prado we aim to provide a site for food producers to donate their excess organic waste while maximizing the amount of edible food recovered and providing meals for those in need.


If you are part of/work with a large organization, restaurant, grocery store, etc. and are looking to make a large food donation, please contact the 40 Prado Kitchen Supervisor directly via email at We ask that donors provide us with as much advance notice as possible, preferably at least 24 hours, prior to making a donation. 

Donation Guidelines

Click the button below to view a list of priority needs. Additionally, below is a detailed list of food items we can accept.

Unprepared Foods

Non-Perishable Foods
  • Shelf-Stable Foods (bread, breakfast cereal, oatmeal packets, whole grains (e.g. oats, rice, etc.), nuts, pasta, coffee, tea bags
Produce & Canned Goods
  • Fruits, vegetables, beans
All unprepared items must be in original packaging, unopened, and not past expiration date. Items may not contain leaks, cracks, missing or incomplete labels, or other indicators that the contents have been compromised.

Prepared Foods

* Please contact the Kitchen Supervisor directly to provide details before donating any prepared foods, especially temperature-sensitive items.*

  • Leftovers from events and surplus foods from restaurants, caterers, hotels, and grocery store delicatessens
  • Entrees, casseroles, salads (undressed), soups, sandwiches, pre-packaged meals
  • Baked goods
All prepared food donations should be placed in food-safe plastic bags or food-safe, sanitized containers and packaged separately to avoid cross-contamination. Food should be immediately refrigerated or frozen to ensure that the temperature is 41 degrees or lower within four hours of preparation.

Unacceptable Foods/Goods

  • Foods (e.g., living shellfish, sprouts, customer packaged items)
  • Other Items (e.g., alcohol, vitamins, diet supplements)

The above information is in guidance of Senate Bill 1383.

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